The Alamo Mini Harness Club is... and educational!

The Alamo Mini Harness Club meet-up and Yahoo group was established to enjoy the recreational, pleasure and sport of carriage driving in central and south Texas.  It is hoped that events will be enjoyable and safe, 
and provide an environment of good fellowship. 

As an affiliate member of the American Driving Society, many of their safety rules provide the foundation for safe driving at Alamo Mini Harness Club meet up events. Our safety rules and guidelines below are all based on ADS rules, (except 1g and 1h) including the "Safety" and "Recreational Drive Standards" 
sections of the ADS rulebook. 

The ADS rule book is available free online at  Everyone can learn and benefit by becoming an ADS member! If you have any questions about the rules, please feel free to ask.

We are an informal friendly group of mini, Shetland, pony and donkey enthusiasts! Think of us as a large group of friends with a common interest in driving that get together for various events. We'll gather for driving clinics, practice days, trail drives, driving education and other equine events that sounds like fun. Opinions, suggestions and comments are genuinely welcome! Whether you show or not, or own one hundred or one, you are welcome here. 100+ meet up group members and growing! The Alamo Mini Harness Club online Yahoo Group is used to keep current meet up group members connected with each other.

The Alamo Mini Harness Club is not...
...political or bureaucratic. All members voices are welcome!

As a member of the American Driving Society and for group enjoyment, 
the following safety and personal guidelines apply to all group members. 

Safety at all gatherings is a top priority. For everyone's safety, (horses and people) 
please bring a current negative coggins to all events.

Lets be good people, good horsemen and drive safely!

1. Safety

Junior (youth) members are welcome at all club functions!  Juniors under 12 yrs old must wear an ASTM approved helmet anytime in a vehicle, and must not drive without an adult in the vehicle before the age of 12.

Safety is paramount to the enjoyment of carriage driving. It is the responsibility of each member to practice safety 
in respect to their own actions, setting a positive example for other members who may have fewer skills. 
( If you see something unsafe, please help the fellow club member in a kind, educational manner.) We all have much to learn and new drivers may make mistakes that can be prevented from becoming disasters.

All drivers must wear appropriate footwear (no sandals, flip flops,  etc.) and carry a whip when driving (or have one readily available in a whip holder). The use of approved helmets is highly suggested for all drivers.  Drivers using public roads must have a slow moving vehicle sign and are encouraged to use a bike flag for greater visibility. Use proper hand signals and follow rules of the road.

Never leave a hitched horse tied up unattended.

Make sure your animals are fit enough and appropriately hitched for each function.  You should inspect your harness and vehicle before each event. (If you have harnessing questions, there is usually someone available to ask.)

If your horse is causing a disruption to others, in the interest of safety, it's up to you to do the responsible thing and withdraw.

No stallions should be brought to Alamo club functions without prior permission from the member(s) hosting the event.(No guarantee of permission is implied)  We are a club with many amateurs along with many new drivers and realize that a stallion can be disruptive. 

No dogs should be brought to Alamo club functions without prior permission from the member(s) hosting the event.    

2. Personal Conduct

We should all show respect, courtesy and consideration of others at all Alamo group functions, and with other group members.

Minors must be monitored by a responsible adult.

Members must treat their horses and ponies with respect, no abuse or neglect will be tolerated.

Property and ranch owners who invite us to use their land should be thanked and all of their rules must be followed.  We   should leave property in the same or better condition than we found it... in other words, leave no traces.

Lets be good people and good horsemen. Please have FUN and drive safely! 

                                                                              Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
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