2011 Meet Up Group EVENTS

Alamo Mini Harness Club



Saturday, February 12th, 2011 Fair weather event.
10am - 4:30pm

*Harness Fit Seminar, Reinsmanship Clinic and Open Practice Day
NEW: Open practice day has been added. You may come out and drive for fun at the ranch during the event.
Alta Pederson in Bandera, TX.  Hosted by Debra Bohnsack


*$10.00 for the day includes a group driving lesson with your horse. (Lesson spaces have all been reserved)
*$  5.00 for the day to audit.  (Plenty of audit space open!)
*Alta has kindly offered to help our club by teaching this clinic for helping with the cost of travel expenses.
Thank you Alta!
All fees collected are to pay our clinician for her services.

Reinsmanship = Effective communication with your horse through the reins.

10:00 – 11:30 am           Proper Harness Fit Seminar & Discussion (AUDIT FOR $5.00 FOR THE DAY!)
11:30 – 12:30 pm           Lunch:      Please bring your own lunch / beverages and chair
12:30 – 2:30 pm             Group #1:   Group driving lesson for 4 drivers (Lesson spaces have been reserved)
  2:30 – 4:30 pm             Group #2:   Group driving lesson for 4 drivers (Lesson spaces have been reserved)

Do you wonder if you've put the harness on correctly? Is it adjusted properly? Is your horse hitched correctly to the cart? Is your horse responding to your hands?

This clinic is about fitting the harness correctly to the horse, hooking correctly to the cart, and communicating with your horse effectively through the reins. All of these skills are needed regardless of the style of driving you do. It is difficult for a horse relax or concentrate while wearing a harness that fits poorly, or hooked to a cart that does not fit. Learn how to properly fit and adjust your harness, and know if your cart fits.  Learn why the correct way is the safe way! A happy comfortable horse is one who will perform better while driving out on the trail, down the road, or in the show ring! It's much easier for a horse to learn when he is comfortable. Alta will give a talk in the morning covering these topics, and then give two group driving lessons in the afternoon concentrating on reinsmanship. There is plenty of room to practice before your group lesson, or after.
One of our newer members, Janie Amdal of Chimacum Tack has kindly shipped 2 boxes of equipment for us all to see, try, or buy at both February events! Included will be (2) Comfy Fit carriage harness, Myler bits, sport boots, driving halters, bell boots and more.
Janie has also included a couple of prizes for members to win at both February events!  Thank you Janie!
This will be a fun and informative clinic! Lesson space is filled, but please join us to audit and learn
proper harness fitting, or come out and drive for fun!

Please RSVP Debra Bohnsack to attend.
Please bring a chair, lunch,  and beverages.
Sorry, no dogs please and negative coggins required.
After parking at the ranch, find the check-in table and sign the release before unloading and harnessing. (Every person attending, whether they drive or not, must sign a release.)

Event Review:
The Alta Pederson clinic was a wonderful success with many members attending throughout the day! I lost count after 30 people! We all had a great time and learned a lot. The harness fitting seminar in the morning provided some really valuable information. I've been harnessing my horses for over 13 years, but learned some brand new information that could make a big difference in the way my horse moves, and his comfort level! There is always something new to learn at any educational driving event. The learning never stops! Alta explained all the correct positions to place each harness part, and WHY they needed to be adjusted a certain way. This was a valuable part of our clinic day. The group lessons on reinsmanship covered contact, rein handling, dressage movements, bending transitions and more...according to each persons driving level. There were nine lessons altogether...including one on Friday and one on Sunday. I think everyone learned some finer points in rein handling and we all have some practicing to do before our next event. Alta did a great job of explaining the basics of dressage movements adapted for driving, and using half halts on the outside rein to improve the bend in driving a nice round circle. All of these movements are used in carriage driving ring classes and CDE's, and out on the trail for negotiating difficult turns and sidepassing when needed. I learned a lot from my own lesson on Friday and will continue to practice bending my horse. Watching the other lessons also helped put things in  perspective. Sometimes it's easier to see things from the ground than in the cart. Thank you again to Alta and George Pederson for helping out our club and providing us with this fun learning opportunity. I'd like to mention that Lori Radke won the "Most Improved" driver after her lesson! You can see in the pictures how she developed contact with her horse in order to provide better communication through the reins.

If you missed this clinic, you missed a good one! Next month is the clinic with Tom O'Carroll. Don't miss it! ;o)
Group Event Planners

  Debra Bohnsack - Coordinator

  Debi Curtsinger 

  Elizabeth Pannill

  Robyne Rebman

Click any name above if you would like to host or help plan an event. All ideas are welcomed too!
   Alta Pederson Clinic Photos - Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge- Alta driving her Haflinger & Morgan
APRIL 2011

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

9am - 4pm

Tack Talk & Fun Drive

  9 –12 noon -  Tack Talk
12 –  1pm      -  Brown Bag lunch
1:30- 4pm  -     Trail Drive and Drive at will + Cones course

Hosted by club members
Robyne & Scott Rebman in Cedar Creek near Austin

Negative coggins required


What is the Tack Talk all about?

Bring all your favorite tack items and accessories to show other members, plus bring any used tack you’d like to sell! Clean out your tack room and turn your unused tack into $$$. There will be a beautiful used oak road cart that is perfect for ADS showing, and a breed ring practice harness available to buy.

Are you shopping for a trailer, harness, halter, helmet, gloves, whip, tires, wheels, carts etc?

See the tack other group members like and use, and try it before you buy it! Test what brand of helmet fits your head...which gloves fit your hand, whose whip is light weight and just right, check out various harness, carts, wheels etc. This is a great way to check out items before you shop and avoid returning all those mail orders.
A “show and tell” for carriage drivers! You are welcome to come with or without a horse to learn about driving
tack. One of our newer members, Janie Amdal of Chimacum Tack has kindly shipped 2 boxes of
equipment for us all to see, try, or buy! Included are:

(2) Comfy Fit carriage harness, Myler bits, sport boots, driving halters, bell boots and more.

Janie has also included three nice prizes to win at this event! Thank you Janie!

After the Tack Talk we’ll have a “brown bag” lunch and then drive the trails of Robyne's equestrian neighborhood.

Robyne Rebman at   rrebman1@aol.com  or  512-925-2924

EVENT REVIEW: Our club’s April event at Robyne and Scott Rebman’s place in Cedar Creek was so much fun!
The day started with an Easter egg grab bag. We all picked out 4 eggs with hidden numbers in them and added
the numbers together to select our order for choosing a gift from a table full of great items! There was a pretty red halter
and vet book from Chimacum Tack. Robyne and Scott purchased wonderful gifts to choose from too.
A wind chime bell, bags of horse treats, western boot remover and more. I chose a double walled insulated cup
with a built in top and straw. (My drinks stayed cold all day long!)
After the gifts, we checked out all kinds of tack...carts, harness, helmets, gloves etc. Sisu Morris
brought the cutest little green 4 wheeler made by Rogue Valley Carriage Shop in Oregon.
(I should have pictures to post soon on the website) It was a very light vehicle and suitable to be pulled
by a single B mini horse or donkey. (We pulled each other around in it too!) Robyne’s patio was nice and
cool and we all enjoyed visiting and having our brown bag lunch outside.
After lunch everyone harnessed up and drove a great cones course with lots of curves, and a double
serpentine set up in the neighbors field. Did I mention it was WINDY?? Not breezy...not balmy....but very,
very windy with 30-40 mph winds! I was proud of my horse and everyone else’s too for doing so well
with a neighbors HUGE flag snapping and blowing and making a loud ripping sound all the while. We had 9 drivers
enjoy the courses set up. A few brave souls set out in the howling wind down the trails while the rest of us
perfected the cones and serpentine.
A big thank you to both Robyne and Scott Rebman for being such great hosts, and to everyone who came out to drive
despite the wind to enjoy the day. Below are some pictures from the morning that Gail Gavit was kind enough
to send, and I hope to have some driving pictures soon.

MARCH 2011

Saturday, March 26th  2011
8am - 4pm

Tom O’Carroll Clinic
& Open Practice or
Trail Driving Day

Hosted by club member
Debbie White in Hondo

Negative coggins required

Individual one hour (50 minute) lessons beginning at 8am.

$85.00 per individual lesson - Lesson spaces are all reserved.
$10.00 to audit for the day. You can learn a lot from watching the lessons.
Audit fee also includes bringing your horse and driving the trails or practicing.

We have now added a fun Trail Driving Day during our March Tom O’Carroll clinic! I had the pleasure
of visiting with club member Debbie White who is hosting the clinic in Hondo. We took a lovely
drive through her property with her Morgan gelding and she kindly suggested inviting members to
come out that day and trail drive for fun! So, the $10 audit fee also includes bringing your horse
and driving her many trails! Debbie has 130 acres with over 65 acres containing carriage trails for us to drive that day. There are a number of areas with thorny ground, so it is highly suggested to have wood, metal or solid tires.

A little about Tom O'Carroll...
“Having trained hundreds of horses of virtually every breed, Tom regularly
travels over much of the U.S. teaching novice to advanced drivers, including
several that have been short-listed for advanced United States Equestrian Team
competitions. He is currently training for one of three U.S. pair drivers
competing at the combined driving World level.”

“Tom O’Carroll, owner of Good Hands Training Center specializes in training driving equines
and their owners. My staff and I train all breeds, and everything from mini donkeys to draft teams.
My students graduate to do all types of driving - casual recreational driving, pleasure driving shows,
combined driving competitions, arena driving, trail rides and endurance drives. I am just as proud
of the students that confidently take their families out for Sunday afternoon country-road drives
as the ones that compete at national and international levels.

My teaching emphasis is on SAFE DRIVING. I believe that a properly trained equine and a well trained
and educated whip (driver) can enjoy many years of safe, incident-free driving. When my students
bond with their equine, and feel comfortable and safe while driving – no matter the environment – I have done my work well.”

Please RSVP to
Debbie White at  coyotecrossingranch@yahoo.com
Learn more about Tom O'Carroll on his website  

EVENT REVIEW: Our March event was another great one.
I think everyone who attended the Tom O’Carroll clinic had a great day!
A big thanks to Debbie and Brett White for hosting....Brett did a great job
of being the resident “muscle” when needed and running all kinds of errands.
All eight of the driving lessons went well, and my own was fantastic! I’ve been having a
problem with Arrow tipping his head to the left...but Tom soon had us traveling nice and straight,
and bending well doing circles.Everyone’s horse was well behaved and Tom had us all
working hard and learning new techniques. I enjoyed watching some of the other lessons and of course
chatting with everyone. It was so nice to meet some of our members in person
that I had only met by email before ...Penny Mikeman and her husband from Corpus and
Sisu Morris with her donkey. Sally Armstrong also brought her donkey and was kind
enough enough to let me drive him. He was a very well behaved guy and being body
clipped and shiny wasvery elegant...if you can say a mini donkey is elegant! Ok...he was really CUTE!
Rhonda and Jim Bennett also brought their two handsome donkeys to get them used to traveling to new places.

Debbie’s big airy barn was a great spot for our lunch break with the ceiling fans providing
a nice cool breeze. I think we had a group of 25+ members throughout the day.
Diane Law was our last minute photographer for the day and I’ll post pictures on the website as soon as
I have them. (Thank you Diane!) A big thanks again to Debbie and Brett White for hosting, and to
everyone who came out and shared their time together. Finally, a special thanks to Tom O’Carroll
for sharing all of his years of knowledge and experience to help us be better drivers!

Tom O’Carroll at a Pleasure Driving Show where he won the
“Concours de Elegance” award for the most beautiful turnout.

Please click here to read important meet up group safety and personal rules.
              Tom O'Carroll clinic photos - click to enlarge
               Tack Talk/Fun Drive photos - click to enlarge

Click link above for 2012 Texas driving events compiled by Lee Fuermann
MAY 2011

Hawaiian Shirt Party & Driving Day!
Sunday, May 22nd
9:30am - 4:30 PM
9:30am – 12:00    Open driving
12      - 1:30           Pot Luck lunch under the shade tent
1:30 –  4:30          Open driving
Hosted By Debra Bohnsack in Bandera.
Please email for address & directions.

ALOHA! This event will be a fun day of driving and a Hawaiian theme pot luck party. Break out those bright Hawaiian shirts, big sunglasses, straw hats and a bowl of pineapple!

I will have an ADS 30 x 60 meter mini sized dressage arena set up with printed dressage tests, a new fun cones course with map handouts, and a short marathon course through trails with two hazards and printed map.

We will have prizes for:
  - Best cones course
  - Most creative Tropical Turnout (use your imagination!)
  - Flashiest Hawaiian Dressed club member

You can choose to practice the various courses & dressage tests, have fun just driving the property, or come and explore what driving is all about and meet new friends! If you have friends who have shown an interest in driving, now is the time to bring them along with you!

You do not need to bring a horse to attend. Feel free to sit under the shade tent and watch the drivers, or ask questions and learn. If you choose to bring a horse, you'll need to have a current coggins and healthy horse. (no runny noses, coughs, etc) Please make sure all horses have manners to behave safely with the other drivers and review our club safety rules.

For those who have not been here before, the entire 23 acre property is fenced with easy parking. In addition to the dressage arena, trails and cones course, I will open up the front 10 acre pasture for driving too.

Everyone should dress “Hawaiian Style”, and bring some food item to share. Just let me know what you plan on bringing and I’ll keep a running list so there are not duplicates.
In addition to a dish to share, please plan to bring beverages and a chair with you. I will supply paper plates, napkins, knives/forks.
If you have any questions or to RSVP, please call or email me at suncountryranch@hotmail.com  or
830-688-6703. Suggestions are always welcomed. Thanks and hope to see you here!

Debra Bohnsack

Our May Hawaiian Shirt Party included a great day of driving and very tasty pot luck luncheon! We had a nice group of festive Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, straw hats and friendly faces.Our lunch menu was truly tasty and included chicken salad, sweet & sour pork with pineapples,fried chicken, potato salad, ambrosia salad, chips and queso, cookies, brownies and key lime pie andmore. We had plenty to eat and everything was delicious! I was thrilled that in our group of drivers was my husband Steve! That only happens once in a blue moon, so it made my day! The cones course was a challenging one and included two serpentines, and the hazards in the wooded trails required some tight turns and good reinsmanship. Everyone had a good time driving and a great time visiting. Sisu Morris let a few of the group members try out her wonderful donkey,Ben. He took it all in stride “island style”. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the day....it was really a nice relaxing time. Carol Isensee won the prize for best outfit (complete with lai & grass skirt!) and took home a LARGE bag of horse treats. Sisu’s donkey Ben won best dressed equine....I know Ben will enjoy his two bags of yummy treats. Liz won the cones course...she and Magic smoked it!

   May photo gallery
JUNE 2011

Francine Dismukes Clinic & Driven Dressage Demonstration

Please click HERE to learn more about Francine Dismukes.

Saturday, June 25th
8 AM – 4 PM
Held at Francine’s FHD Ranch in Luling
Please email for address & directions.

*Individual lessons
*Driven dressage demonstration
*Open Carriage Collection

Individual 45 minute lesson – $65
Auditors – $10 day

This great clinic will consist of seven individual 45 minute lessons with your mini, pony or donkey
at a cost of $65 each.
Those who take a lesson will work with Francine to choose the skills to improve upon.
You will be required to bring an astm approved helmet, whip, gloves and negative Coggins your horse.
Auditors are also welcome at $10 each for the day!

There will be a driven dressage demonstration at 11am with one of Francine’s Andalusian horses.
Francine will give a detailed explanation during the driven dressage test. It will be very helpful to see
gaits and transitions that are required during different test levels. Remember, dressage
is the foundation for ALL driving.

Francine will also open up her carriage collection for us to view!
She and her husband have a very lovely collection of vehicles.

You must RSVP to reserve a lesson or auditor spot as space is limited. Please RSVP to
Debra Bohnsack at  suncountryranch@hotmail.com   or call 830-688-6703. 
Coggins required, NO dogs allowed.

We had a great turn out for the Francine Dismukes clinic . There were over 25 people in attendance and I
think all will agree that no matter
if you were taking a lesson or just auditing you got a lot of information from Francine. The clouds were
good to us so temperature was bearable most of the day. The dressage test driven by Malen and Doll
was well executed and I know I learned more about correct transitions from watching. It was great to
watch the lessons and see an improvement in the way of moving of most minis and donkeys after just
a few suggestions from Francine. Thanks to to Francine and Malen for their expertise and to all who
helped set up and take down the tents. I heard a few requests for another Francine clinic which
might be possible in 2012 .
Elizabeth Pannill, DVM

JULY 2011

TOO HOT TO TROT! Seminars and pool party!
- Veterinary Talk
- Lunch (provided)
- Donkeys 101
...and swimming too!

Saturday, July 30th
9:30am – 4pm
Dripping Springs, TX
Home of Sisu Morris & Stock Market Mini Donkeys
Do not bring horses/donkeys to this event.

Please join us for a fun learning day in the shade (and in the pool) among friends!

10:00 - 12:30  Dr. JoLynn Joyce DVM – Dr. Joyce (board certified equine surgeon) will talk
about recent advances in equine diagnostics, medicine and treatment. She will also cover what
horse and donkey owners should have on hand for emergency first aid....what to keep in a first
aid kit and what to do “till the vet gets there”.  Q & A.

12:30 - 1:30    LUNCH – Sisu has generously offered to provide lunch and beverages for
the day. Thank you Sisu! If there is something special you’d like to drink, please bring it along.

1:30 – ?          DONKEYS 101 – Sisu will give a basic seminar/discussion about driving miniature
donkeys and the donkey personality! There have been quite a few people interested in these great 
animals. Here's your chance to ask questions about donkeys and learn how they differ in
temperament from horses.  Sisu has MANY donkeys at her Stock Market Ranch in Dripping
Springs. Learn about these wonderful Long Ears!

12:30 – 4:00   SWIM –  Stay Cool! Everyone is welcome to cool off and swim! 
Swimming suits or shorts and T’s are fine! Please bring a towel.

Wow! Words can not describe what a wonderful day Sisu, Barbara and Sally put together for
the club this past Saturday! Everything was just great. Her home and barn were beautiful with
plenty of room for us all...there were about 30 people attending. The tables were set so nicely
with bandana napkins and denim tablecloths...and the mini stuffed donkeys(for us all to keep!)
at every place setting were the perfect touch. The feast you all cooked was really tasty! The
donkey games were lots of fun and a great way to get to know the donkey personality.
The seminar by Sally gave us all an entertaining overview of donkey history, (we’ll be ready
for a quiz later) and the vet lecture by Dr. Joyce provided everyone with good basic knowledge
of what to put in a first aid kit. Her review of exciting new diagnostics and treatment options
now available to horse owners armed us with information we may each need someday. Your
nice cooool pool was a refreshing treat with a beautiful view. You really put it all together for
a truly wonderful day spent with friends immersed in donkeys! Thank you from all of us! And
of course....thanks to all the beautiful, patient and kind donkeys who allowed us to escort them
all afternoon through the obstacles and jumps.  Each and every one looked so well cared for
and happy. Here are some pictures from the event below...there are many more pictures on
the club website on the events page...just scroll down to July. And yes....the donkey was
in the house ...and what a good boy he was!

   July photo gallery
   June photo gallery

Saturday, August 27th

Mamacita’s Restaurant in New Braunfels
Nutrition Seminar by Purina with lunch provided
12 noon to 1:30pm
Arrive no later than 11:45. You MUST rsvp for this luncheon.

Club meeting after the seminar from 1:30 – 3:00pm – Discuss future event ideas...and visit!

Purina Representative David Harrison along with Nutritionist Dr. Karen Davison will give a talk centered on feeding minis, ponies and donkeys and the unique challenges they pose. The topics will cover feeding as it relates to common issues such as founder, insulin resistance, and colic. Purina Mills will treat us to Mamacitas catering which includes chicken & beef fajitas and all the fixings, chips, guacamole & non alcoholic drink. Bring all your feeding questions! The Feed Seminar and Luncheon will run from 12 noon to 1:30pm.
Our club Luncheon and Nutrition Seminar last Saturday was great! We’d all like to thank David Harrison and Dr. Karen Davison of Purina for providing us with a seminar just for minis. We learned a lot about feeding and what we need to do to make sure our horses get enough nutrition in a small amount of concentrate. As an example, we learned that if your average mini would get too fat on three pounds of Strategy a day (that is the amount required to provide needed nutrition) ....it’s a better idea switch to a different feed to make sure he gets all the vitamins and minerals he needs on a daily basis. A feed that provides more nutrition in a smaller quantity is called for in order to keep his weight in check. Dr. Davidson covered various feeds and amounts needed for good nutrition. Thanks again to Purina for treating us all to a nice fajita lunch at Mamacita’s too. The food was very tasty! Club members had the opportunity to visit with each other after the seminar and to discuss ideas for upcoming events.


Saturday, September 24th      9am –4pm
Ground Work & Ground Driving Clinic with Rachel Steen
Balance Point Equestrian Center
245 E. Clearview Cemetary  Rd., Bastrop TX, 78602
Cost: $40 – Bring your horse to work with in the clinic
           $15 Audit
Visit Rachel’s website and learn more about her HERE !
The importance of proper ground driving is essential in starting or re-educating your driving horse! Everything you do in the cart should be done from the ground first. Rachel teaches both riding and driving at her facility in Bastrop.
This clinic will be “classroom style” with lots of discussion and demonstrations. Everyone attending, including auditors will be allowed to participate in all discussions and ask questions. The emphasis of the clinic is GROUNDWORK and GROUNG DRIVING and how it can make the task of harness training easier and more productive for you and your horse. Rachel will explain the “why” of all groundwork and how it helps your horse progress much faster in his driving training. Flexing, yielding, bending, backing, stopping, standing and relaxation should all start with proper ground work and then translate into harness work.

The clinic is limited to eight horses that can be at any stage of training! If your horse is already driving, you may also drive after your groundwork/ground driving to show the improvement. Just bring your driving equipment including  helmet, gloves and whip. If your horse has no schooling at all, that is fine too. Rachel will teach and demonstrate the best method for starting ground work and long lining with a very green horse. Rachel will base the clinic on what each participant who brings a horse needs to work on with that horse. Therefore, all skill levels of horses and drivers are welcome! The clinic will start promptly at 9am and run until about 4 pm.

Our Ground Work/Ground Driving Clinic this month was a big hit! Rachel Steen had a full clinic with nine horses participating and many auditors. The participants learned a variety of new exercises designed for relaxing, stretching and promoting balance in their horses. Since all driving training begins with in hand work and ground work, we learned new ways to facilitate the learning process through better communication with our horses. There will be more clinic pictures posted on the club website soon. Thank you to everyone who came out to audit....we had a great group attending and learned a lot about our horses. Rachel gave everyone “homework” for their horses designed to help make them supple, balanced and more receptive to learning. Thank you Rachel for a wonderful clinic!

Saturday, November 19th
“Spice Up Your Turnout & Open Driving Day”   10am  - 4pm
Robyne Rebman’s place in Cedar Creek (outside Austin)

Ashley Mitchel of Re-ride Boutique will have her store set up with wonderful hats, jackets, blouses, lap robes and more! Debra Bohnsack will have various Chimacum mini horse and donkey harness ready for fitting. Both horse and driver can spice up their turnout! Ashley is great at putting together new driving outfits based on one of your favorite hats, jackets or lap robes! Or, start from scratch and order a custom fitted reversible lap robe and a whole new outfit. The possibilities are endless. Ashley has MANY hats, jackets, blouses, scarves and pins to choose from. The selection is always changing and the prices are fantastic since all items are gently used. Your horse can also have a spiffy new harness custom fit just for him! Lots of sizes available and some ready to take home. Are you wondering if the outfit you already have is just right?? We will have a camera and laptop on hand to take photos of any turnouts so that you can see the finished product. This is the best way to for you to see the “whole picture” before a show!

RSVP to Robyne Rebman at rrebman1@aol.com  or Debra Bohnsack at suncountryranch@hotmail.com
Negative coggins required....no dogs allowed.

Friends, Fun, Food and Fashion! We all had a fantastic time at Robyne and Scott’s home for Spice Up your Turnout Day! About 20 club members (and 14 driving horses and donkeys) attended and enjoyed great weather and good friendship. Ashley Mitchel’s presentation explaining tips for beautiful carriage driving outfits was both fun and inspiring! Ashley’s “store” was packed with great clothing and a very happy group of enthusiastic shoppers. Robyne and Scott provided tasty croissant sandwiches and two delicious pies for lunch. The cones course and serpentine gave all the drivers a challenge and a chance to warm up for the drive through the neighborhood. Carol Isensee won the Pumpkin decorating contest and went home with a pretty hunter green Chimacum beta halter. Sisu Morris and her good friend Randy Cason bought their donkeys new Chimacum harness...I know the donkeys will appreciate the comfy good fit! Sisu’s helper Olivia won a super soft grey throw that matched her donkey Nick perfectly! Thanks again to Robyne and Scott Rebman for hosting the event at their beautiful home. And.... thank you to all our club members for making it such a special day. Check out the photo album below and on the club website this week. I’ll also email pictures to club members.



Saturday, December 10th, 2011  10am – 5pm
Trail Drive &  Party in the Saloon !
Agarita Ranch, Lockhart, TX

Hosted by Elizabeth Pannill DVM & Debra Bohnsack

   August photo gallery
   September photo gallery
   November photo gallery
   December photo gallery
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